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We have an indepth knowledge of the issues facing NHS Hospital Trusts and CCGs, and have developed flexible models of service that can be tailored to suit the needs of your local area and organisation.

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On average, 7% of patients referred on the 18 week pathway should fulfil the criteria for the 2WW cancer pathways. Normally, these patients would wait weeks before they are seen. On the Medefer pathway, specialist consultants can escalate a patient to the 2WW cancer pathway within an average of 5 hours.
The test results of 12% of patients in the routine 18 week pathway show cancer or an abnormality suspicious for cancer. In comparison, patient’s referred into Medefer’s Virtual Hospital pathway have investigations completed, reviewed and if cancer is suspected or found, the patient is referred to the 2WW cancer pathway in just under 7 weeks. This results in significantly faster diagnosis and treatment.

Overall, GP’s have given a satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars for the quality of the consultants’ responses and management planning.  In addition to the quality of responses, the speed is also leading to increased GP satisfaction. Consultant triage is on average delivered within 5 hours of receiving a GP referral. Having such a reliable and rapid access to a consultant led service, ensures GPs have a robust solution linking them with a specialist. This is of reassurance to GPs, knowing that their patients care is being dealt with in the most efficient way possible.

A number of educational opportunities arise due to the enhanced data capture provided by Medefer’s platform. GP skills and referral patterns inevitably vary. Medefer are able to map this variation in referral patterns and identify general learning themes, which in turn can help to shape local targeted educational events for GPs. In addition, Medefer is also able to look at individual GP variation in referral patterns. In many cases a GPs referral may be managed with advice and simple reassurance by the consultant. This becomes an “on the job” learning opportunity. Identifying GPs educational needs ensures a continuous learning environment to help reduce subsequent referrals.

NHS’ e-Referral System enables patients to choose their initial hospital or clinic appointment. Patients can book the appointment in the GP surgery at the point of referral, or later at home on the phone or online. Medefer’s platform is fully integrated with eRS, and complements the functionality with cutting edge technology to deliver the safest and most efficient specialist care possible.

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Frequently, commissioners and Trusts have to make commissioning decisions without extensively detailed data-sets. Medefer’s platform captures an unprecedent amount of data to aid you in decision making. For example, you can model how a new direct-access endoscopy pathway would impact on waiting lists, and its financial impact. You can then monitor the pathway using Medefer’s live dashboard.

Using our platform, which is integrated with NHS’ e-Referral System (eRS), this will provide you with a live Patient Tracking List.

Medefer’s Virtual Hospital was developed to deal with the limitations of scaling more traditional advice and guidance services. Medefer as a provider of advice and guidance noted that although consultants advised primary care to manage a significant proportion of patients without attending hospital, this inevitably led to dissatisfaction and more pressure on primary care services.  GPs also noted that the advice provided may be beyond their clinical acumen and lead to more clinical uncertainty, with responsibility of care remaining with the GP. 

The Virtual hospital addresses these limitations. GPs refer in the same way with the same expectations of traditional specialist led care, which is the transfer of care to a consultant led service. Advice and reassurance may be provided but only for simple cases which are appropriate for primary care. The majority of patients enter the virtual hospital where all the investigations and follow up are carried out under specialist supervision. Medefer are able to significantly reduce hospital activity without adding to primary care service workload.

By significantly streamlining services, and optimising clinical workflows, Medefer’s platform enables whole system cost savings. NHS Hospital Trusts and CCGs can sustainable reduce costs, without affecting clinical care or reduction in income.

When developing new pathways or addressing waiting lists, a significant challenge that NHS Hospital Trusts and CCGs face, is lack of local specialist consultant capacity. 

NHS Hospitals can use Medefer’s powerful platform to create a “National Grid”, virtually redistributing the pressure and workforce across the system. NHS Trusts or Clinical Commissioning Groups can also utilise Medefer’s nationwide network of specialist Consultants to boost local capacity. 

Medefer is a CQC-registered healthcare provider, with an extensive network of specialist consultants across the country. Our consultants are all NHS consultants who provide services to Medefer in their own time.

Develop a service that suits your local needs

Step 1: Choose between basic Advice & Guidance and full Virtual Hospital

Step 2: Choose the service model that will address your local needs

Service model: Local hospital consultants deliver the service using Medefer’s platform

Considerations: Medefer platform is integrated with NHS’ e-Referral System, and specifically designed to support service delivery, enhanced data capture, service monitoring and planning. Reliance on only local consultant capacity may result in slow response times.

When to use this model: Use this model when there are no clinical capacity issues in the local hospitals.

Service Model: Local hospital consultants deliver the service, and Medefer’s Consultants provide on-demand additional clinical capacity if required

Considerations: In addition to the benefits of the Medefer platform, Medefer’s consultants network is available to support the Trust, for example during periods of increased demand and winter pressures. Medefer’s Capacity On-Demand service can be activated automatically according to pre-set parameters (e.g. within 72 hrs if referral not picked up by local Consultants), or manually when the service needs arise. This can avoid costly spend on locum consultants for Waiting List Initiatives (WLI) and breaches of Referral-to-Treatment-Time (RTT).

When to use this model: Use this model when there are clinical capacity pressures in the local hospitals, or when surge capacity is required. This model creates significant resilience in the system avoiding delays in patient care. This model requires local stability, is not designed to provide transitionary clinical team to support shift to new model of care and does not address patients already in the system.

Service Model: Medefer’s Consultants deliver the service, and only patients that require hospital visits are handed over to local services.

Considerations: Medefer will be the primary route of referrals, and Medefer’s consultants will manage all the referrals. Only patients requiring hospital follow-up (e.g. diagnosis of chronic disease) will be referred to the local hospital services.

When to use this model: Use this model when there are severe clinical capacity pressures in the local hospitals. This model significantly reduces the pressure on the local hospital teams. The aim is to provide the opportunity for the local teams to recover and lead the service after a transitionary period.

Service Model: Local NHS Trust and Medefer’s Consultants jointly deliver the service

Considerations: The combined clinical teams will be responsible for reviewing and managing the new referrals. The combined clinical team will also co-ordinate the most efficient way to reduce waiting lists for the patients already in the system.

When to use this model: Use this model when if there are severe clinical capacity pressures in the local hospitals, but there is strong clinical support to lead the service. This model provides the maximum support for local hospital teams, and shortest time to reducing pressures and waiting lists.

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