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We are here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about our recent request to have your blood taken.

If you can’t find the information you need, our team is always ready to assist you. You can chat with us instantly using our online chat box, give us a call, or send us an email.

How does Medefer's phlebotomy service work?

When a Medefer consultant orders blood tests for you, we will inform you by letter and request that you select and schedule an appointment at a nearby phlebotomy location.

As a patient with Medefer, you have the freedom to select from any of the phlebotomy services associated with Medefer.

Where can the Patient have a blood test?

Medefer has partnered up with a group of phlebotomy centres where you can go for your blood tests. It’s important for you to visit one of these partner centres so we can get your test results.

See a list of available centres by entering your postcode of location into our blood test finder above.

What if there isn't a centre close to the Patient?

To make sure we get your test results, it is essential you visit one of our partner centres. If you go somewhere else, we won’t be able to track or access your results.

While we work on expanding our network of phlebotomy services, you may need to travel a bit further for your test.

Can the Patient attend their GP practice for a blood test?

If your GP does not offer our phlebotomy services, please do not visit them for a blood test. Sometimes patients may take their kit to their GP practice, and it will be the practice’s decision whether they can take the sample. If this occurs, the sample must be sent back to our partner lab, ‘TDL’, using the prepaid envelope provided.

I've received more than two request forms, what do I do?

We have three types of request forms:

  • Standard blood test: You can visit any phlebotomy service we have available.
  • Frozen blood test: Please go to a phlebotomy service marked as Frozen.
  • Dynamic blood test: Please go to a phlebotomy service marked as Dynamic.

When looking for the closest centre, be sure to choose the one that offers the specific tests you require.

These will be shown on the provider as a tag, for example:

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