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Why Medefer?

Medefer was founded by consultants working in the NHS with a deep commitment to working in partnership with the NHS to provide a more effective and faster outpatient service for the benefit of patients.

The shift to online working taking place in the NHS provides new opportunities for consultants to support patients in new, flexible and innovative ways.

Our virtual outpatient service is delivered via our unique software platform, which manages patient care from initial referral though triage, diagnosis, treatment and discharge back to Primary Care without the need for in-person hospital appointments, where they might wait several months.

Medefer Consultants work online to review GP referrals and manage those referrals through the entire pathway.
The case-based approach means that the commitment is flexible and individual consultants can choose to select as many referrals as they want.

Medefer are expanding their scope of specialties and scale of work so the opportunities will continue to grow.

How does Medefer work?

If a patient has been referred to us, then their GP has decided that they will benefit from an online review by a NHS Consultant.

Until recently, this meant referring the patient to a hospital outpatient clinic, where they could wait several months for an appointment.

Working in partnership with Medefer, the NHS GP or hospital can now ask a NHS Consultant to review the patient referral online and provide advice to their GP, organise further tests or investigations, set up a telephone consultation appointment, or refer the patient on to hospital.

This service is free for patients and is faster than waiting for an appointment at a hospital clinic.

The Medefer Patient Pathway

Once a GP has passed a patient’s details to us, one of our Consultants will select the case from the online portal and will decide:

If they can offer advice straightaway they will advise the GP and return the patient to their care for ongoing management.

If they need more information, Medefer will contact the patient and ask them to book a phone call with one of our doctors.

If the patient needs to have further tests or investigations, the patient will again be contacted to tell them what they need to do.

If a patient requires further tests, once the results are back, the Consultant will decide what should happen next – again this may be:

Provide advice to the GP on the patient’s care needs.
Request further tests or investigations.
Arrange an invitation to attend hospital in person.

At every stage Medefer will let the patient know what the Consultant thinks and what will happen next.