Delivering world-class virtual healthcare to NHS patients

We believe that every NHS patient deserves the best possible healthcare. Medefer's cutting-edge technologies deliver a unique "Virtual Hospital", where patients receive specialist care within hours of a GP referral.


When you are not well, the weeks and months of waiting to see a specialist and having additional tests can be stressful for you and the whole family. When you are referred to Medefer's virtual hospital, you will receive a consultant input in your care within 5 hours.

5 hours 
average consultant 
response time


Managing patients in primary care involves managing risks. Increasing hospital waiting times and financial pressures have created pressures to manage more patients in the community. Medefer's virtual hospital pathway provides specialist care for your patients without increasing your workload.

4.7 out of 5
 average GP satisfaction


Medefer's virtual hospital pathway delivers a consultant-led specialist outpatient service with cost savings up to 30%, an average referral-to-treatment of 7 weeks, as well as high GP and patient satisfaction. The data gathered on the platform can be used to reduce variation between GP referrals and commission new pathways. 

potential cost savings

NHS Hospitals

Medefer's virtual hospital services provide NHS Trusts with the tools to run a very efficient outpatient service, reduced costs and increasing turnover, whilst delivering a significantly safer clinical service. In addition, our national body of consultants provide hospitals with the flexibility required to meet demands.

Deliver a sustainable and
 safer outpatient care

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